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Looking to drop 20lbs of fat or gain 15lbs of muscle? No problem. Our one-time meal plans are customized to your current goals, allergies and food preferences. We’ll need 3 days of food journalling before we can start, just so we have an idea of what your current diet looks like.


We’ll meet with you in person to discuss any lingering questions or concerns, then we’ll develop a plan and email it to you. Within the plan, we’ll explain how to adjust your intake as your weight starts to shift.


Any additional in-person meetings are charged at an hourly rate. We provide 30 days of email support free of charge.


Meal Plan Development: $150+GST

In-Person, Followup Meetings: $45+GST

Who have you worked with?

In addition to the general population, we’ve developed meal plans for current, as well as recently drafted NHL players who’ve been given clear goals from their trainers & coaches. During the 2013 Memorial Cup run-up, we developed specific meal plans for the Saskatoon Blades that helped them shed 3-7% body fat off of every player in 6 weeks.


For Carla’s fitness competition debut in April 2015 (where she won 1st, 2nd & 3rd in 3 different categories), we developed a plan to cut her weight from 152lbs to an on-stage weight of 133lbs in 12 weeks.


We’ve also developed plans for High School wrestlers looking to make their weight divisions, students trying to bulk up for the football team and soon-to-be grads just wanting to look great for their prom.


How do I look like Carla?

Contrary to popular belief, Carla only works out 45-60 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week. She eats at least 4 times per day, drink 3-4 litres of water, doesn’t drink protein shakes and has 1-2 Quest bars every day. Leading up to her contest debut, she had a huge cheat meal every 3 weeks (including dessert) and still ate things like Greek ribs, asparagus, chicken souvlaki skewers and had milk in her coffee every day. At 43, Carla not only beat out women half her age on stage, she was also well hydrated, alert, energetic and didn’t binge on cupcakes once the show was over.


Can you do an Online-only program?

No. While online programming may work for some individuals, it’s our experience that an in-person consultation is the only way to magnify the chances of your success. We would rather spend an hour listening to you talk about your goals than skim over 1 of 200 emails. We’d love to have you as a client, but not if it compromises our ability to help you 100%.


Do you follow a Paleo, IIFYM or low-carb approach?

We believe that while everyone is different, there are some fundamental requirements for every diet. Instead of hopping from one bandwagon to another, we structure our plans around consuming a full spectrum of fibre-rich vegetables, lean protein sources and quality fats. A low carbohydrate plan for example, will not work for a diabetic, just as it won’t help a student trying to cram for exams. “If it Fits Your Macros” simplifies the process of proper eating and can lead to micronutrient deficiencies. If you’re willing to invest the time to calculate your macronutrient requirements, why not ensure that you’re filling them with quality food items and not ice cream because “it fits my macros.”


I’m entering a fitness competition, will I be starving the whole time?

Absolutely not. Many contest prep coaches rely on out-dated or unsupported methods to “help” their clients lean out for contests. This includes ridiculously low calorie diets, avoiding vital electrolytes like sodium, only drinking distilled water or not certain green vegetables. Not only are many of these techniques ill-advised, they can have long-term health consequences.


Instead, we tailor and continually adjust your caloric intake to your specific needs and provide you with timing strategies to prevent you from ever feeling hungry.


I’m only interested in fat loss, not losing muscle size or strength, is this possible?

Honestly, unless you’re taking anabolic steroids you will experience some strength loss if you’re trying to cut a significant portion of weight. A bodybuilder on stage is at the weakest point in their entire year. Someone who weighs 200lbs and exercises regularly will be stronger than when they weigh 180lbs or 170lbs. The tradeoff is that while you’re not as strong, you’re not as fat. Would you rather have a 6-pack and only bench press 225lbs, or weigh an extra 20lbs and bench press 285lbs?

If you enjoy aerobic exercise like running, skiing or cycling, your performance will improve as your body has less weight to move.


I’m not interested in drinking shakes, how can I get enough protein in my diet?

We’d rather not drink protein shakes or smoothies either… so we don’t. With the exception of 1 or sometimes 2 protein bars per day (as a snack while we’re in the gym), all of our protein comes from whole foods like nuts, fresh fish, pork, beef, canned mussels/oysters and chicken. Protein shakes tend to be economical, but we would rather spend a few more dollars and chew some food.


What about BCAAs, fat burners, CLA, fish oil and other supplements?

We have experience with a wide variety of supplements that can be used to help you reach your goal. We’ll be able to show you what works, what doesn’t and where the best place to buy from is. If you are a WADA-tested or federation-tested competitor, we’ll also make sure that you’re not taking any banned substances.

UFE Invasion Saskatoon, Carla Little
Carla and Nathan encouraged me to begin eating according to Nathan’s brilliant diet plan. As soon as I gave up the carbs and embraced the protein, everything changed! The weight dropped off, and I had reached my goal weight within six months! The diet plan was easy to follow, and Nathan was only an email away whenever I had questions or concerns. His support with the diet kept my eating on track, and kept me motivated! “What’s the scale say now, Clarissa?” Every time, it amazed me how much weight I was losing, and how simple it really was! Nathan lays it out simply and isn’t afraid to be honest. Without his guidance on my diet, I could never have gotten where I am today.
Thanks to Carla I now have lost a total of a 135lbs and only 10lbs to my goal. I have never looked and felt as healthy as a do now in my whole life. A thank you doesn’t seem like enough that you have changed my whole life and you showed me to believe in myself and that the sky is the limit. As while without Nathan’s help with meal planning I wouldn’t have done it a great big thanks goes to you.

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