Episode 2, Push & Pull

07 Jun Episode 2, Push & Pull

This workout is an upper body push & pull set, meaning, you’ll be targeting both your anterior (front) and your posterior (back). To complete this workout as shown, you will need a flat bench, a few sets of dumbbells and a BOSU (optional).

Each part of the workout is designed to be performed as a superset, so you’ll transition from one exercise to the next taking as little time as possible.

Complete 4 rounds of each Part listed.

Part 1:
10 reps DB chest press
6-8 BOSU Pushups w/bounce
10 DB reverse flys

Part 2:
10 reps Narrow grip DB chest press
6-8 BOSU Pushups w/Alternating leg lift
10 reps Bentover DB row

Part 3:
10 reps DB chest fly
4-6 BOSU Pushups w/3 second hold
10 reps/arm Single arm DB row